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Veggie Oil Conversions is the industry leader in quality veggie oil systems for diesel vehicles.
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Veggie Oil Conversions is here to help with all your veggie oil needs.

Your source for the highest quality, custom patented veggie oil conversions.

Convert your diesel vehicle today!

Rudolph Diesel believed that his diesel engine would revolutionize our world
by allowing us to grow our own fuel.
Diesel engines can burn a variety of substances: thick and thin petroleum oils, plant oils, animal oils, flammable gases, and recycled waste products.

Veggie Oil Conversions can help retro-fit your diesel engine with our custom kit.
Get veggie powered!

The Southeast’s Premier Veggie Oil Conversion Shop -
Located in Atlanta, Georgia - Service Worldwide

Do you need an experienced, qualified, affordable Mercedes mechanic?

Veggie Oil Conversions can help!


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